My open letter to Steve Jobs and Apple

I know you’re always so far ahead of the curve that folks have come to believe you’re a Jedi knight, but I’ve been thinking.

Apple is leading the way (once again) and taking us to always-online,  always-streaming music, movies, photos, and everything else instantly, whenever and wherever we want it.

As a consumer, my roadblock is the cell phone business. All new data plans are now limited, and my AT&T unlimited will be throttled if I try to take advantage of the Apple consumers’ dream.

The news media has been quick to report that Apple now has more cash than the US government. I wish Apple would buy one of the major cell companies and offer unlimited data plans that would be totally compatible with iCloud and our needs.

The cell companies are the weak link in the plan, and Apple needs the total package.

Thanks for reading.

Apple since 1984

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The Train To Morrow

In July, 1998 Glen and I attended a presentation of the “Bristol Rail Passenger Study,” contracted by the Commonwealth of Virginia to determine the feasibility of establishing passenger service to Bristol VA.

I was enthusiastic about the possibilities, and could not envision the Richmond folks turning down such a great opportunity to make southwest Virginia part of the great Commonwealth of Virginia. I was naive, but I’m uploading the study for those of you who are curious. Click on Bristol Rail Study below.

Bristol Rail Study


If you’re interested in the Train To Morrow, click here.

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Bristol Country Moves has moved to I removed some of the outdated posts, and changed the title, but kept the theme. I like it, and I’ll keep it for awhile. will be my personal blog for my thoughts and regurgitating the thoughts of others, when I find them interesting or amusing. I will also link to my family and friends whenever I feel it is appropriate.

I will talk about Bristol VA and Bristol TN, hereafter known as “Bristol VA/TN,” and things going on around town.

When my professional site, Bristol Country is active, I’ll post it here and probably also on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for listening.


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Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee

Don’t forget to check out the Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee on Facebook. Keep up with the Committee’s activities and with Democratic interests. Click “Like.”

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HR 4646

I just received a FWD email from a dear relative of mine. I usually hit DEL without reading, but this one caught my eye with “Go read it on Snopes.” Well, I DID go read it on Snopes. This is about a hobby horse bill. The email has a “grain of truth with a beach of emotional text to get a panic of reaction. I hit “Reply to All” and sent my email that contained the following:

Just put “HR 4646” in the search field on Snopes and read the ENTIRE entry.
It’s certainly not worth the effort it takes to get everybody in an uproar over it. It wasn’t worth my time to look it up, and it’s not worth my time to respond with this email.
What’s worth my time is discussing legitimate issues, and bills that have a chance of coming to fruition – whether I agree with them or not.
It’s sad that with so many important issues our country has to deal with, there are people out there who want to create confusion and panic by sending this unnerving email around to everybody. I guess it comes from the same people who want to keep tax breaks for the wealthy, so they can get richer, and let those of us with lesser incomes bear the burden of paying for the needs of the country.
(Good idea there at the bottom of the email, requesting that your name be removed when it’s forwarded. I wouldn’t want to take responsibility for my actions either, if I did something like this!)

BTW, MY name is Carl Williams

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Home Energy Expo

I received the following email and flyer this morning. I plan to attend and hope to see you there.
The Abingdon Transitions Energy Working Group, in cooperation with People Incorporated  and others, is sponsoring a Community Home Energy Expo at the Abingdon Sr. Center on Saturday, November 6th, from 10 am to 4 pm. We were hoping that each of you would print a few copies of the attached flier and post it at your church and/or at some locations near you where it will catch people’s eyes.

The goal of the Expo is to help our neighbors save money on their utility bills by making their home more efficient.  There will be demonstrations and speakers supporting that purpose.  But we need help to get the word out about this event. We also plan to have available information about Transition and climate change. This event is free to everyone, and we’re hoping for a large turn-out.

Your help publicizing the Expo is greatly appreciated, and we hope you will join us on November 6th.

Cassa Von Kundra                                            Rees Shearer & Nick Safay
Transition Abingdon & Washington County        Energy Working Group

Your house is leaking energy & $$$$ !

Learn how to tighten it up ~ FREE

Community Home Energy EXPO

Everyone Welcome—Homeowners, Renters, or if you’re just plain interested!

Saturday, November 6th, 10am-4pm,

Abingdon Senior Center

300 Senior Dr. Abingdon, VA 24210 (from E. Valley St., turn down Whites Mill Rd., Senior Dr. is 1/2 mile on right)

“Hands on” home weatherization and rehab demonstrations –

Demonstrations at 10:30am; Noon; 1:30pm & 3:00pm

Home Energy Auditing – Presentation at 10:00am with Nick Safay

Energy-efficiency info to “do-it-yourself” – Presentation at 12:45pm with

Fred Gross of People Incorporated

Renewable Energy Presentation at 2:15pm with Carrie Beck of

Ecological Energy Systems

Home building suppliers ~ contractors ~ and other vendors

Free Snacks ~ Lunch offered for sale on-site

Sponsors: Berry’s Home Center, Advanced Heat & Air, Ecological Energy Systems, Highlands Solar Energy,

People Incorporated of Virginia, SW VA Community College, Appalachian Sustainable Development,

Transition Abingdon/Washington Co., and Town of Abingdon—Go Green Committee.

More Sponsor Vendors encouraged to participate for a VERY small fee!

This event is free and open to the public. Contact Nick Safay at People Inc. for vendor or general

information— or 276-619-2254.

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Health Care Today

The following items in the Health Care Reform as passed and signed by the President are effective today. See my previous post to check on items that went into effect earlier this year, and items that will go into effect into the future. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to repeal this law and hurt so many Americans!

1. Adult Dependent Coverage to Age 26 Extends dependent coverage for adult children up to age 26 for all individual and group policies.   Implementation: Plan or policy years beginning on or after September 23, 2010

2. Consumer Protections in Insurance Prohibits individual and group health plans from placing lifetime limits on the dollar value of coverage, rescinding coverage except in cases of fraud, and from denying children coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions or from including pre-existing condition exclusions for children. Restricts annual limits on the dollar value of coverage (and eliminates annual limits in 2014)   Implementation: Plan or policy years beginning on or after September 23, 2010 (annual limits eliminated in 2014)

3. Insurance Plan Appeals Process Requires new health plans to implement an effective process for allowing consumers to appeal health plan decisions and requires new plans to establish an external review process.   Implementation: Plan or policy years beginning on or after September 23, 2010

4. Coverage of Preventive Benefits Requires new health plans to provide at a minimum coverage without cost-sharing for preventive services rated A or B by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, recommended immunizations, preventive care for infants, children, and adolescents, and additional preventive care and screenings for women.   Implementation: Plan or policy years beginning on or after September 23, 2010

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Just the Facts

On Tuesday, I posted a link on Twitter and Facebook regarding Health Care Reform. The link spells out the changes and when they go into effect. Click on each item to get details. Here is the post:

Health Care Reform-what happens and when. Click around and check it out.

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What Did You Say?

Nearly all of my comments are SPAM. As the wise man once said, “Don’t like Spam…”

Sometimes I’m tempted to leave them in for the humor, but never do. I’m not going to give them a plug for spamming me. But this one is really good. Notice that I don’t identify the writer, or more importantly, I don’t give his URL. No editing has been done.

Seeing that i have been looking on the internet to have a high-quality content articles involved with this particular area . Looking in Aol I lastly uncovered this blog post. Looking at this I’m lucky to enunciate that I have a positive uncanny feeling I discovered whatever I wanted. I most certainly will make certain to remember this blog and look constantly.

I want to certify that no animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

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Mott’s Applesauce and the Worms

If you haven’t heard the news about Mott’s Applesauce, apparently the company has a worm in it somewhere. Mott’s – it’s been around for years, has acquired and been acquired several times, and now is part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Think of Dr Pepper, Schweppes, Grandma’s Molasses, Hawaiian Punch, Yoo-Hoo, Mott’s juices, and…well, you see how big it is.  Last year the parent company made $555 MILLION in profits and its stock went up 180%. That’s in a time of recession!

Time to share the wealth and offer bonuses and raises to the hard-working dedicated employees that made it possible, right? Of course, not. This is Corporate America we’re talking about. Mott’s told its employees that they plan to cut wages $2.50 an hour and take away their pension play. The justification was that the employees are paid above the local average, and the company thinks that’s wrong. I guess they think the employees are getting uppity since they worked so hard for the company and just want to be safe and secure in their homes and futures. I guess Mott’s wants to see that their town in upstate New York be a third-world community.

The workers are on strike, and their kids are missing their birthday cakes, movies, and new clothes. These are hard times for a union that is fighting to maintain. Corporate America has done so much in the last 20 years or so to destroy unions and make certain that no one gets more than the minimum to survive – stay alive and come to work.

I found some of the info at and I urge you to follow up on this story. It’s Mott’s employees – it could be our local employees. I’ve seen it happen in our area – “you’re paid above the local average, it’s time to lower your wages.”  And, we’ll see it again if we don’t support our brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends when they have to fight for living wages and a future for their kids.

I wrote to Larry D Young, President and CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. and told him he owed it to the loyal employees who made the company so profitable to extend the loyalty to them and make the Mott’s facility the envy of every other company in town, make it the place to work for every local worker.

We could be next. Do you have a worm in your applesauce?

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