HR 4646

I just received a FWD email from a dear relative of mine. I usually hit DEL without reading, but this one caught my eye with “Go read it on Snopes.” Well, I DID go read it on Snopes. This is about a hobby horse bill. The email has a “grain of truth with a beach of emotional text to get a panic of reaction. I hit “Reply to All” and sent my email that contained the following:

Just put “HR 4646” in the search field on Snopes and read the ENTIRE entry.
It’s certainly not worth the effort it takes to get everybody in an uproar over it. It wasn’t worth my time to look it up, and it’s not worth my time to respond with this email.
What’s worth my time is discussing legitimate issues, and bills that have a chance of coming to fruition – whether I agree with them or not.
It’s sad that with so many important issues our country has to deal with, there are people out there who want to create confusion and panic by sending this unnerving email around to everybody. I guess it comes from the same people who want to keep tax breaks for the wealthy, so they can get richer, and let those of us with lesser incomes bear the burden of paying for the needs of the country.
(Good idea there at the bottom of the email, requesting that your name be removed when it’s forwarded. I wouldn’t want to take responsibility for my actions either, if I did something like this!)

BTW, MY name is Carl Williams

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