My open letter to Steve Jobs and Apple

I know you’re always so far ahead of the curve that folks have come to believe you’re a Jedi knight, but I’ve been thinking.

Apple is leading the way (once again) and taking us to always-online,  always-streaming music, movies, photos, and everything else instantly, whenever and wherever we want it.

As a consumer, my roadblock is the cell phone business. All new data plans are now limited, and my AT&T unlimited will be throttled if I try to take advantage of the Apple consumers’ dream.

The news media has been quick to report that Apple now has more cash than the US government. I wish Apple would buy one of the major cell companies and offer unlimited data plans that would be totally compatible with iCloud and our needs.

The cell companies are the weak link in the plan, and Apple needs the total package.

Thanks for reading.

Apple since 1984

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