Ever hear of Randy Prescott?

Randy Prescott, speaking for BP, said that “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.”  Callous, Randy, callous. Wake up and smell the oil.

Thanks to a post by Jinne on Facebook, we have Randy’s email and his office phone number. Want ’em?  randy.prescott@bp.com    and you can call him at 713-323-4093. I haven’t verified the phone number, but I did send email and it hasn’t bounced back – yet.

Here’s a copy of email, open to the public:

Louisiana Isn’t the Only Place That Has Shrimp

You guys at BP are stressed out – understandable, but you brought it on yourselves. Other places have shrimp, and BP has other offices where you’ll still have work.

Our shrimpers and fishermen in the gulf coast don’t have the resources of BP, and in many cases they just get by from season to season, working harder each year than you’ve ever worked in your life. It’s their heritage, their home, and their livelihood. I have a hard time understanding how you can deny the crisis, then try to play it down, and now make light of the unbelievable problems you have created for the local population.

I know you don’t care about the people. I know the bottom line is your focus. But, try to refrain from insulting us every time someone puts a microphone in front of your mouth!

I’ve admired BP in the past, and smiled at the “solar-powered” logo, which told me you were doing right. Now, I just want to spit in the street when I pass a BP station. I wish for BP in the future to receive everything the corporation has earned, and get everything it is due.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know I’m not happy.

(I signed it, and added my mailing address – hope to get a glob of oil and sand in the mail any day now!)

Get in touch with Randy, I don’t think he has many friends right now.

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