Who Profits When I’m Sick?

For the last two or three years I’ve had regular doctor’s appointments for blood pressure, cholestrol, obesity, gout, and just aches and pains associated with these medical problems. For the last two or three years I’ve had more than one prescription per ailment. I’ve been told to lose weight – go low fat, give up red meat, and avoid low-carb diets because they permit you to eat fat.

My son and his family came home in mid-June, and they were working on low-carb and showing signs of success (loose clothing and trimmer profiles.) We decided to honor their diets and not pig out that weekend. After they went home, we stayed low-carb. We cut out grains. we started counting carbs in snacks and making wiser decisions. I didn’t keep an accurate count, but believed I was around 30 carbs a day.

Then two weeks later, I began having dizzy spells several times a day. When we visited our son for the 4th, he suggested the dizzy spells I was having might be due to low blood-pressure, and suggested I add a few carbs if I was taking blood pressure medication. I thought about this and realized that after stopping the daily medication, I had stopped having dizzy spells, so I decided to forego the medication.

When I got home, I called my doctor and she said to track my blood pressure daily and bring it with me to my next appointment in August, and I promised to call her again if I had any problems. Since then, I’ve had no dizzy spells, I’ve dropped twenty pounds, and my blood pressure is down and holds a pretty consistent level. Today it is 112/74 and my pulse is 66. When I began treatment for high blood pressure, it was around 160/110.

I’m not a fanatic about low-carb. I eat low-carb and from time to time sneak in popcorn, although much less in volume than I was known to eat, and every couple of weeks we eat pizza at the Mellow Mushroom, again not as much as I would normally eat.

Is it possible that we get so many prescriptions  because it’s easier to write a prescription and make a little for prescribing the drug, than it is to actually look after our health. Who does it profit if we stay sick? Certainly not us.

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Ever hear of Randy Prescott?

Randy Prescott, speaking for BP, said that “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.”  Callous, Randy, callous. Wake up and smell the oil.

Thanks to a post by Jinne on Facebook, we have Randy’s email and his office phone number. Want ’em?  randy.prescott@bp.com    and you can call him at 713-323-4093. I haven’t verified the phone number, but I did send email and it hasn’t bounced back – yet.

Here’s a copy of email, open to the public:

Louisiana Isn’t the Only Place That Has Shrimp

You guys at BP are stressed out – understandable, but you brought it on yourselves. Other places have shrimp, and BP has other offices where you’ll still have work.

Our shrimpers and fishermen in the gulf coast don’t have the resources of BP, and in many cases they just get by from season to season, working harder each year than you’ve ever worked in your life. It’s their heritage, their home, and their livelihood. I have a hard time understanding how you can deny the crisis, then try to play it down, and now make light of the unbelievable problems you have created for the local population.

I know you don’t care about the people. I know the bottom line is your focus. But, try to refrain from insulting us every time someone puts a microphone in front of your mouth!

I’ve admired BP in the past, and smiled at the “solar-powered” logo, which told me you were doing right. Now, I just want to spit in the street when I pass a BP station. I wish for BP in the future to receive everything the corporation has earned, and get everything it is due.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know I’m not happy.

(I signed it, and added my mailing address – hope to get a glob of oil and sand in the mail any day now!)

Get in touch with Randy, I don’t think he has many friends right now.

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Hello world!

Bristol Country is active again. I’ve changed domain name registration, changed website hosts, and left Movable Type to use WordPress for software. You’ll still see some tweaking here and there, but I plan to offer more content than tweaking.

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Bristol Democrats

The Bristol Democratic Committee’s Campaign Headquarters is having its Grand Opening this morning from 9-11am. The Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a Child ID program, and Delegate Joe Johnson will stop by.
Come in now to visit with the Democrats and pick up yard signs, bumper stickers, and buttons. If you aren’t registered to vote, we have Virginia Voter Registration Forms.
We are supporting Rick Boucher, Mark Warner, and Barack Obama in the upcoming November Soiree.
The Office will be open Mon thru Saturday until the elections.
Check out our website at http://www.bristolvademocrats.org

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Glen’s Popcorn

Check out Glen’s Web Radio Show! Tomorrow, Friday, Aug 15, he has a great interview lined up! Here’s his press release:
The lovely and talented Elske McCain will join Popcorn Theater tomorrow at noon (EST) for a full hour of chatter!
The vivacious star of screen and smaller screen will be joining us to talk about a career that has seen her turning up in such films as Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Gimme Skelter, You?re Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre, Killer Biker Chicks, and the upcoming Jessicka Rabid. You can catch the show live at the episode?s page, and/or you can download it in mp3 form from blogtalkradio following the show. Help me kick off Popcorn Theater with a bang!
And if you haven?t added Popcorn to your blogroll yet, stop by the website where you can see news about who and what will be on each show, and catch episodes of the tv series uploaded for your viewing pleasure!
Remember, that’s http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cglenwilliams

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On January 4, 2008 I found the obituary for Tedd Blevins in the Bristol Herald Courier. I thought Tedd to be an amazing person, and a wonderful artist. The obituary was ideal.
This morning I noticed the reprint of the obit was edited, so I check the Courier’s website and found it was edited there as well. Tedd deserves an unedited obituary. Here is the original version:
Bristol, Tenn. – Tedd Blevins of Bristol Tennessee joined Rembrandt in the sky on Jan. 4, 2008.
He was wearing a green shirt. Rumors have it that Van Gogh and Vermeer have asked Tedd to join them at the Bar of the Pearly Gates for a smoke and a Bud, but the multitude of slightly clad and underage angels are appparently quite distracting. The bright orange and lavender bubbles are not helping, either.
Tedd is survived by his wife, Carole Blevins; sister, Christeene (Cricket) Sheets; daughters, Adrian Blevins and Shelly Blevins-Stanley; sons-in-law, Nate Rudy and Andy Stanley; and five audacious grandchildren, Weston and Benjamin Church, Madison and Cameron Stanley, and August Rudy.
A celebration in honor of his wit, joie de vive and infamous lifeforce will be held at the Main St. Chapel of Farris Funeral Service in Abingdon, Va., on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 11 a.m. A more festive celebration of his life will be held this summer.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name to Virginia Intermont College, 1013 Moore Street, Bristol, VA 24201, where he tried to be a bad influence on generations of young artists for 42 years. VI is not responsible for this obituary. Instead, it has been funded by the campaign to promote Tedd. Those wishing to send memories or messages of sympathy onlline may do so by visiting http://farrisfuneralservice.com.
Farris Funeral Service, Main Street Chapel, 427 E. Main St., Abingdon, VA., is serving Tedd’s family.

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A Bridge To Nowhere

My prayers are with the people of Minnesota this morning – those who lost loved ones, those who were injured, and all the local people who must be traumatized by this tragedy.
This morning the Washington Post reported that President Bush promised to rebuild the bridge, but wouldn’t set a timetable. I think the bridge promise comes right after the New Orleans rebuilding promise in his pecking order….

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Fence Post


Originally uploaded by Carl J.

We were in Blacksburg on May 19-20 to visit John and Sarah. Their apartment complex borders the farm, and there are wonderful hiking/bicycle trails all around the area. We went for an evening walk and took a few pictures. The lighting wasn’t very good, but if I want a photo, I snap it. This is my favorite from the trip.

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George quotes George

“Today, we’re fighting a new war to defend our liberty and our people and our way of life. And as we work to advance the cause of freedom around the world, we remember that the father of our country believed that the freedoms we secured in our revolution were not meant for Americans alone.”
This quote comes from Dubya’s speech at Mount Vernon on Monday. Now I’m sure that he intends it to justify his incursion into Iraq, but I can see in it the evidence that the rights afforded to American citizens for fair and just treatment should be afforded to our captives at Guantanamo Bay as well.
Freedom is not defined solely by the right to buy Chevron gas and Slurpees, but also the right to an attorney, the right to a fair hearing and speedy trial, and the right to contact family members.
Dubya just speaks the words and works to make them sound friendly and down-home. I don’t believe he’s either friendly or down-home. He’s more interested in the corporate welfare than the welfare of the needy, and..I believe he just doesn’t care about you and me!

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Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins passed away yesterday, January 31, at age 62.
Of the journalists I read and listen to, I loved Molly the most. She was outspoken, direct, caring, patriotic, and downright absolute in her politics. Google Molly. Follow the Links. Read her books. Get them on CD (I loved to hear her talk!) and above all, listen to what Molly is saying! She talked about Dubya when he was a governor. She told us what he’d do if elected to the presidency.
I’ll miss Molly Ivins.

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